🏋️Healthy habit: the right amount of exercise

🏋️Healthy habit: the right amount of exercise Most people have the wrong idea about proper nutrition. In the West, we are constantly told that proper nutrition is the most important thing. People who do not exercise regularly and get nutrients from food, suffer from a special problem: they begin to gain excess weight. 🥗 excess weight. 🥏 excess fat. 🥕 excess muscle. 🥕 excess bone mineralization. 🥕 excess weight. In extreme cases, it is possible that you can not lose weight on your own. You just need to start right now. This is the ideal time to implement a healthy habit. Start with the most difficult ones: negative energy after the winter. Closely monitor its progress and achieve results. ☝️⃝� Have a positive energy outlook. ☝️⃝